Always forgetting the cooling filter

I have a downright terrible habit of not thinking about potential concerns… A lack of planning on our section leads a lot more problems in our day to day life than I should have. It’s all our fault, I’m not trying to pass the blame, I just wish there was a way our brain could work better. I never, and I swear never know to change our oil until smoke starts pouring from out of the car. I never really know to spray for bugs before there is are ton of them in the house. And although I tend to use our air conditioning method almost every day, I still never suppose about usual service until there is no going back. This is our fault too, because any idiot is capable of increasing out an air filter! Air filters are cheap to buy and self-explanatory to replace, and I realize this, but still I never suppose to do it, but even though I am no way skilled with Heating, Ventilation and A/C units at all, I have been told time and time again that by just increasing out the air filters properly I could save myself a lot of bills plus breakdowns in the future. I eventually made the decision to outsmart myself by setting a monthly reminder on my calendar so I would know to change the air filter. I drove over to the store plus purchased a 12 pack of air filters, so that mixed with our smartphone alarm should keep my method not working well for the next year. I just wish I can keep the air filter clean for a full year!