Buying my own HVAC

I always wanted to open my own bakery near my area.  Following college, I worked two jobs and saved all I could to finally afford a well-situated brick building located in a busy area.  While the building is quite old, there is space for parking, large front windows, and lots of bonus features inside. There are beautiful hardwood floors, ornate moldings, and old-fashioned pendant lights. It turned out, the older building also had ancient plumbing, electric wires and heating and cooling. I wasn’t prepared for the big, pricey project of replacing all of these systems. I got some quotes from reputable plumbers, electricians and HVAC businesses and realized I couldn’t afford to pay for all of their services. Fortunately, my dad is quite mechanically inclined, and he offered to help me tackle some of the jobs we could take care of ourselves.  The plumbing was a gross, time-consuming and unpleasant job, but still simple. The pipes were all right, so we simply needed to get new fixtures and a water heater. For the wiring, I left it up to the electrician to be sure everything was professionally done and up to code. The biggest obstacle was the heating, ventilation, and cooling system. There were several repairs needed for the ductwork and the removing of the old HVAC system itself was labor-intensive, complex and not fun. My dad and I needed to view how-to videos online, in an attempt to figure out the best way to complete the process. Because of the delays with the HVAC system, I ended up setting back my grand opening for a very long time. It not only took my dad and me forever to fix everything HVAC related, but there was so much debris, we needed several days of cleaning up after we were done.

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