Cold weather and not able to use the heat pump

When in doubt, I always do more research when it comes to HVAC. My central HVAC system recently malfunctioned and I needed an upgrade. I was  not satisfied with central heating and cooling and started looking for something different. I shopped around and considered boilers, radiant floors as well as high velocity AC.  Nothing was seemed just right to me or worth the high price of it. I then came across some information on a heat pump. A heat pump is a single system that combines heating and cooling. I was able to get both heating and cooling with this unit. That means one piece of equipment to maintain, get repairs and clean and worry about. The initial startup price of the heat pump was very costly, but I was not concerned about of it. To combine both heating as well as cooling, I can invest a little extra. I hired an HVAC  company for an estimate and then had the heat pump installed. The HVAC technician discussed with me the amazing efficiency levels that electric heat pumps achieve. He said that in a few years of use the system would earn back the purchase price. How beneficial is that? I am convinced that I made a fantastic choice. The Summer went smoothly with the heat pump used for air conditioning. I saved a ton of money with this type of cooling. Now it is Winter and the heating function is not as wonderful. The heat energy is transferred into my home from outside, but it’s not warm enough.  The temperature is around 32 degrees outside. The heat pump can’t collect enough heat to provide the home. I will need to buy a furnace to supplement the new system. A heat pump is just not effective enough to handle the northern cold.

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