Doing HVAC on the side

People guess freelancing is some sort of lazy job that millennials do because they don’t want a full time work, but it’s not. Working as a freelancer is gruelling… You have to take a lot of projects you may not want to do just to make ends meet. However then since you’re not full time, you get no benefits plus there is no guarantee where your next paycheck will come from. That’s why I try to focus on finding repeat clients who I know will keep needing my job time plus time again, preferably in areas of suppliers which I know will keep growing. One of my number one clients is this local guy who owns his own Heating, Ventilation plus A/C supplier. For decades, they’ve been in the supplier of supplying heating plus cooling parts to our local section, keeping the supplier within the family all the while. They respect the importance of what I do, plus they’re honestly great people. Not only do they always pay their invoices on time, but they always answer my questions about a project. All in all, they are the easiest plus kindest business people I get the delight of really working with–they make my job simple. They also give my lake condo a free Heating, Ventilation plus A/C tune-up every year as a bonus. They say I don’t charge enough, so they’re blissful to give my boiler a little TLC. The boss jokes that I should be comfy in my office, that way I can always get my deadlines done on time. They’ve even told me that I have a boiler emergency repair. So I could give them a call plus they’ll take care of it at no extra charge, however if only all my clients were this beautiful!

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