Going into the HVAC field

The HVAC industry needs a few good people like you today! There is a shortage of HVAC specialists in the area, and I am trying to recruit as many new HVAC workers as I can!  We must fill this industry void. I work for the biggest HVAC provider in the midwest area, plus every last one of us are growing even faster than we anticipated. With the economy going strong, tons of jobs are now opened, including employment in the heating, cooling and the ventilation business.  That’s why I go out plus look for potential candidates for our HVAC training to get them into the classes to learn the trade of being a certified HVAC specialist. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C industry offers a wide salary range, with benefits. Most candidates don’t know what the Heating, Ventilation,and A/C industry can do for them.  I have a meeting at a local university this afternoon, while there I intend to pass out quite a few of our company cards. Many of the people that I will be meeting this month will benefit from the shortage in our field of HVAC workers… The shortage of licensed HVAC professionals is so very dire, every last one of us invite anyone interested to our meetings.  They can learn about heating and cooling systems from us. After 30 years in the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C business, I can say that the heating and cooling industry is an excellent job opportunity. So be all that you can be, and join the HVAC team!

HVAC corp