Houseboat ductless HVAC

I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced a Christmas so beautiful as my first one on my houseboat! Just over the Summer I was finally able to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting away from the town and enjoying life on my own terms.  Now I’m on my own houseboat, doing freelance job as it pleases my partner and I. Thanks to the houseboat, I no longer have to worry about things adore rent or utility bills; I just pay for my internet and my cellphone, & my vehicle for the few trips I need to take into town. I spent the past year overhauling the houseboat so it functions primarily off grid. To run all of my appliances & my heat pump, I have a solar panel. Plus there’s a wood burning stove for when it drops below 17 degrees, which is as low as my ductless mini split Heating and A/C will run well… Rain collection and the lake take care of my water needs out here. Then I was able to experience a perfectly still white Christmas. I watched the sun rise over the snow covered lakeshore, and even watched the local deer get their day supper while I had my daily coffee. I don’t assume I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful in my whole life. I am able to enjoy it all in perfect comfort thanks to the latest advances in Heating and A/C technology. The heat pump not only provides myself and others with heating and cooling, however it also has a humidistat to control the moisture in the air. On the water, life is the perfect fit for me.

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