I don’t control the a/c

Have you wondered how your heating and cooling usage compares to that of your neighbors?  Nearly everyone seems to have a different temperature setting at the control unit, no matter the season.  But I wonder what the best control component setting should be, for different seasons. Most people, my family included, utilize the a/c all morning, but at a warmer temperature.  Then all of us turn the control component down cooler, when all of us are all beach home later in the morning. From what I’ve read online, this idea of cooling system usage is highly recommended by Heating and Air Conditioning companies.  Keeping the warmer control component setting when the home is unoccupied will help with the energy bills. The Heating and Air Conditioning website said that a 78-78 degree temperature range all year around is legitimately common. Without a doubt, this is an average, and all of us all think people that care about their a/c temperature way lower.  The 78-78 degree control component setting does seem more popular, per this Heating and Air Conditioning website. Even in the Winter time months with the heating system on, that control component setting is utilized. However, in our part anyway, all the people don’t use the heating system all morning. Each of us might turn off the heater, only using heat on the coldest afternoons.  That kind of control component setting does not consistently work in the office, though. Both of us have too many people and too much opinions to consider what temperature control the office should be at. That just might be a mute point, however. Due to the fact that many office control units are locked, and unable to be adjusted. That is the way the a/c is handled at our office, all by the director.

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