Lots of cooling in the restaurant

One of my favorite Mexican joints is owned by a sweet guy who is known throughout the town to have the best tacos. Although he has the best food, walking into that Mexican joint you would never think that they have a tiny following because the chairs are almost constantly empty. It may seem odd to have a successful Mexican joint that is constantly empty, but those of us who frequent there know this has nothing to do with the tacos, but it has everything to do with the temperature of the Mexican joint. No matter what time of year, the Mexican joint is constantly frosty as well as the a/c device is constantly working. In the south, the people I was with and I are constantly searching for air-conditioned places while I was in the summer time to try to cool down, but even while I was in those hot summer time months, the Mexican joint will make you want to run as well as find a heater to cuddle nearby. My friends as well as I joke that they must have the best ac in the whole south to keep it that cold as well as that they absolutely give their HVAC men the food to keep them coming back to do cooling repairs. All of us locals have talked to the owner that the air conditioner is too high, but the man claims that the only correct way to make his food is in a frosty environment.