New life with no HVAC

I imagine that I can find that I have a recognizable issue with thinking “big picture” in our life, i tend to get wrapped up in minor details, and then forget to take inventory of what I have more generally, and also what I want for myself for the future. Rather than having a realistic view of our existence, From time to time I am trapped running in circles about minor weekly annoyances as well as stressors, but not at the moment. Currently I’m finally working particularly hard to think about our future as well as make an actual plan for myself, for once. I’ve been thinking about what a more lovely life would look as well as recognize adore for me, as well as I’ve realized one thing for particular: it would not involve so much Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C! See, the older I get, the more totally aware I am of the effect of your environment. I’ve decided that having warm as well as chilly air blasting all the time in all areas is not particularly the most natural or perfect condition. I realize that having artificially treated air to keep your immediate surroundings comfortable, while your greater environment remains uncomfortably hot and humid, or chilly as well as dry, is not the best for your health. I’ve considered the fact that I’m regularly fighting as well as uphill battle to make our beach house comfortable as well as healthy, when the more larger issue is the climate overall… That’s why I’ve decided to tranathletic interest to a arena where I’ll be free of the drawback effects of heating and cooling systems. I’m going to search for an environment where I can leave our windows open for fresh, clean, naturally tempered air. I’m going to slash out all ties with the energy company, as well as live our best life away from the pressures of new heating and cooling.

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