New things on the HVAC market

I have nearly always been a very cheap and frugal person. I don’t really remember the reason behind it, but that’s just how I have come to lead my life. I can even remember in the third grade, when I wouldn’t even share my snacks that my mother would pack for me at lunchtime unless my friends would give me a dime first. Now that I am in my thirties, I am still just as frugal, except when it comes to climate control units. My partner of five years was a certified HVAC repair gal, and she told me of the world of comfortable heating and cooling. I had grown up with very cheap parents who were just like me, so we never had super powerful heating and cooling units growing up. After she invited me over to her condo and introduced me to radiant heated flooring, I knew I needed to get into all things in the HVAC world. I am constantly trying to discover the latest heating and cooling technologies, and I am also perpetually on the web looking for people who are dispensing with their old units. It’s now turned into an obsession, but I guess I could love worse things in life. With that being said, getting all the latest HVAC tech is not a cheap thing to do; not sir. Perhaps the fates are getting payback on me for never wanting to part with a single penny all those years growing up!

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