No heating needed during the holidays

The holidays are an excellent time of year. I love to celebrate, I love to decorate, I love the music, it is all just super cool! I am one of those people who also gets a kick out of Thanksgiving; it is my favorite holiday honestly. Despite this, I am also that person who is ready to decorate for Christmas when she arrives home from Black Friday shopping. Needless to say, the house is gussied up quite early – we even have our tree up before December finally arrives. Usually we get a fir tree, but last year my husband’s boss gave us his pretty, artificial tree, so that went up fast! Our only mistake about decorating before december is that we should have had our HVAC man come and change our air conditioning filter. We put the fake tree up so that it was blocking where he would go to change out the filter and it is too much work to take down the tree because we also have our Christmas village set up underneath it! We recently bought a brand new air conditioning system. We got it in the fall, but we still like to make sure our energy bill doesn’t suffer, especially living down south where it has to work hard. I am confident that having the air filter being dirty for two months won’t bother us too much, but with the holiday’s around the corner, we really can’t afford losing money, or I should say, a big energy bill. We also don’t want to be breathing in irritating, dirty air, because it could make us sick before the holidays are over!