Owning a heat pump in the north

You can still own a heat pump system, even if you spend your whole life in the north. A heat pump proposal moves heat energy in the air quality! If you want cooling, the heat energy inside is pumped to the outdoors. If you want heating, the heat energy outside is pushed into the home; The main concern is that the heat pump can’t task if there is no heat energy to pump. If the weather gets below fifty degrees, you are getting no heating. In the north I experience temperatures as low as five below. Men and women in the north assumed that the energy efficiency of a heat pump would never be for them, heating and A/C businesses actually came up with a proposal to allow us to have half the efficiency. In the Summer our apartment uses a heat pump proposal to supply cooling. It is very efficient since no AC is actually being produced. The air quality is quite clean because of the fresh air being pushed around. In the Winter I can’t use a heat pump, I need to use a gas oil furnace. The gas oil furnace and electric heat pump work along with each other in a unit. This is called a dual fuel system. The dual fuel proposal quickly knows when to change from electric to gas. It is the most efficient occasion for having a heat pump in the north. Of course, having a gas oil furnace is not the ideal, but I still get a heat pump half the year! A few winters I can even use the heat pump for heating! When a chilly burst comes in, I ring in the gas heater.

geothermal heat pump