Quality HVAC in the warehouse

My last job was laboring in a warehouse. It was the most gargantuan building that I’ve ever been in in my life! it was roomy, and often, getting from one place to the other took so long. That included visiting the bathroom! The labor that I did at the warehouse seemed to be one of two styles. Those styles were tiring, physical labor, or repetitive menial tasks. I guess that’s just the way it was! It was during some of the more physically stressful tasks I did that I came to really love the fact that this warehouse was heated and cooled. For such a gargantuan building, I had to wonder at the feat of engineering involved with managing to keep things nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter, just about regardless of the temperature outside. I cannot guess their annual heating & cooling costs, nor can I guess the amount of maintenance that goes into ensuring that their climate control system is faithfully effective as it always seemed to be. Despite the climate control, I certainly worked up a sweat walking here and there, carrying boxes and totes to various places. Of course, it would have been far worse without cooling so much worse that I don’t even want to consider it. We all worked super hard and the environment could honestly be stressful. There were even moments when we had to question business practices that seemed a little over done. But through it all, I’m just pleased that I got to be cool in the summer and toasty in the winter while I worked!