Restaurant broken a/c

I just know that I have the worst luck with dating. Out of all the multitude of dates that i have had in my twenty-five years of life, I don’t think that any of them have been great. It all started with my first date in university. It was one of the first proper dates I had been on, and I was so giddy I could hardly sleep the previous night. The date did not start off bad, we went to a ritzy steakhouse in the city. Once we walked into the venue however, that is when things turned sour, over one problem. We were informed by the serving staff that the air conditioning system in the restaurant had busted, so it would be a little more warm than usual. She put it so mildly, but we started to feel as if we were trapped inside an industrial grade heated gas furnace. We began to sweat a lot. I dressed to warm for the venue, and had many layers which ended up making the heat torturous. When I went and looked in the mirror in the washroom, I noticed that my makeup was running due to the extreme heat. Without any decent cooling unit available, this date was dead in the water. Me and my date spoke little the rest of the evening, and I was just wanting to get home and crank up my a/c unit and a fan. Ever since then, my dates have followed a bad pattern and I know that I am cursed. Either that, or I take things too hard.

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