Sweet treats and temperature control

I hate being a morning person to say the least. Eventually, I had to adjust myself to an early morning schedule for work & developed some habits to get going in the day. One of which is blasting cool air in our car in the dead of summer time which helps wake me up while I am on the commute, then conversely, cranking the heat in the car while it is Winter helps thaw me out & get the blood pumping in the day.There is one stop on the way I make time for to also help me really and truly wake up. There is this bakery 10 minutes into my commute that sells the best pastries around! As I said, I hate getting up early, however I will make time for this totally awesome site! One of the best parts is while I am waiting for my pastries & coffee, I always get to rest in a perfectly temperature controlled environment from their HVAC system, as the owner always seems to make sure that his buyers are totally comfortable.I think that is part of the reason that I bother to make time to stop at this bakery while I am in route to work! I would not have the patience for waiting in an ice cold shop in the Winter or sizzling tepid hot shop in the summer. Instead, I believe that I can go from our nice & toasty moderately warm car or perfectly cooled off car into an equally comfortable shop as I wait for my pastries. This has turned myself into an honestly loyal customer, except for the times when I am running late! Then I do not stop there, of course.

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