The different climate control needs

I’ve never had so many people in my condo at a single time before. I can tell you one thing, this holiday season has been quite an up and down experience of hosting and finding patience for all. To be honest, I have a feeling that I’ve done a pretty great job with it, all things considered. This past month the people I was with and I had one small visitor first, my friends son, who came to stay with us for the holiday season. Then a couple and their young child also joined in the household, soon followed by our oldest neighbor from back where I grew up. It was pretty overwhelming, especially because the group was so diverse in age and preferences, especially when it came to the thermostat! Since a single group came up from the heat and humidity of FL, and my guest eventually ventured down from the blustery and freezing temperatures of Illinois, we had a few differences in temperature preference in the house. Personally, I truly love the thermostat set to heat the condo to about 76 degrees while in the afternoon, and down to 60 at evening, however for my guests. However, this was not hitting the mark, one group wanted the air temperature to be much higher, as they were chilly chilly in our “low” temperatures. The other gathering thought it was burning tepid from the moment he got off the plane, and couldn’t stop dripping with sweat in the foreign temperatures, no matter what the people I was with and I did, no a single could get comfortable or find some sleep at evening because of the unrespected temperature settings. Not only did our brain get bounced back and forth a few times over this visit, but so did our thermostat heat settings to say the least.

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