The heater is just terrible

It is going to be tough finally moving out into a brand new house in another region. It is admittedly exciting, but also a bit wistful, because we have lived in this family home for over two decades. Our kids loved this house a lot, so we are very attached and wistful to come to the end of the road. It has had its difficulties, that is for sure. Just a few years ago when the heated gas furnace decided to conk out in the middle of the winter, we had to wait three bitter days and nights in the middle of the worst winter ever before an HVAC service repair man could arrive to fix it good as new. Or the other time during the summer when we had accidentally turned on the heating system instead of the air, causing us to panic that the climate control was messed up. Looking back on it now, they are loved and funny memories that we recall, and my family and I are looking ahead to make some new ones in our new abode. Our new place will take a while to be filled with fun family stories, but I am sure that over the two decades we will make plenty more of them. I just hope that in this residence we don’t have any more unlucky problems with the much needed gas furnace, I already spent enough dough buying the house for ourselves!

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