The thermostat getting bumped a lot

I am living with 4 dudes in addition to they are all super giant. A few things in the house are set up for giants in addition to others are set up to normal people. Our furniture is super giant in addition to I can’t put my own two feet down. The chairs in addition to high top table are hard for me to sit on. However, the smart thermostat is set up to a normal height. This is sort of a problem however. All the men in the house typically brush against the thermostat. All of the hasty I will hear a churn in addition to know icy AC come on. The dudes are arm or shoulder height with the thermostat. The temperature control is a touch screen. So you never know what you are going to have done. I have returned house in the Winter to the AC going on. I have also dealt with heating in the summer time in addition to no Heating in addition to Air Conditioning when the house needs it. It is all because of those occasional brushes. The dudes complain that the thermostat is too little for them to comfortably adjust well. They dislike bending in half to study the display. The lot of them want me to reinstall the thermostat to their giant size. I would have to get a chair in order to reach it or just never know what the display screen would say. It would stop the small adjustment issue. But, each thing in our loft is geared towards them. I need something that is right for my own height.

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