Traveling and needing the HVAC taken care of

I recently had to go across the country for work, and it was a nasty ordeal.  My morning started at five, and I had to shovel the snow from my driveway and melt the ice off the truck’s windshield.  It was necessary to leave the truck running, with the heater and defrost blasting for quite a while, before I could go to the airport. Because of frozen roads, heavy snowfall and very poor visibility, the drive was scary. I had the heater blasting at maximum capacity for the trip, and didn’t dare drive any faster than twenty five miles an hour. Once I safely made it to the airport, I had to heft my suitcase through about twelve inches of snow to get to the airport  Since the outside temperature was sixteen degrees, with the windchill making it feel like ten, I was bundled up in a cozy sweater, thick wool jacket, heavy socks, a scarf, hat, gloves and boots. I stepped inside the airport and the thermostat seemed to be at one hundred degrees. I immediately regretted all my clothes because of the many blasting vents delivering overheated air, I needed to remove them. I quickly peeled off all of my winter clothing and stuffed it into my overfilled suitcase. I languished in the airport, suffering from the heat for forty five minutes. The atmosphere was so dry and contaminated that I got really dehydrated with a mean headache. I then finally arrived on the airplane and wanted my jacket. I’m not sure where the persistent flow of freezing air was coming from, but I was ice cold the entire flight. Closing the overhead vent gave no relief.  It felt as if the plane had no climate control. My one-hour layover was another hot and dry ordeal, and I was back to a freezing cold plane during my second flight.

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