Until it stopped working, I never unquestionably knew how much I relied on my range hood… In the past, I had never spent too much time in the dining room, but lately I have taken an interest in cooking shows. So I have been trying to replicate some of the recipes. I unquestionably find it relaxing!  After work I will pour some wine, turn on a cooking show, plus get to work making a extravagant dinner. I knew what a range hood was, plus the service it gave, but I never once thought about having it diagnosed or cleaned. It turns out that Heating plus A/C specialists also handle things like range hood, which was a surprise to me. I consistently thought they only ever did things like fixing cooling systems plus furnaces, but it turns out they do a lot more. See, the V in Heating plus A/C stands for ventilation, plus what I was suffering from was a ventilation problem. However a range hood is basically an HVAC duct plus a fan which pulls the smoke plus smells out of the room, so when it stopped unquestionably, within hours working my prep area got smokey plus smelly. The Heating plus A/C specialist who came out was actually nice, plus told me the range hood was so outdated plus caked with grime it needed to be totally replaced. But something like a range hood is not anywhere near as expensive as a new cooling system, luckily for me! The cost wasn’t that bad at all. I must admit, the ventilation from the new range hood is much better than it has ever been before.