Adding a ductless heat pump to master bedroom to provide additional temperature control –

My house is outfitted with a forced air gas furnace and central air conditioner, which handle year round temperature control.  Although the system is rather old, it still provides sufficient heating and cooling. For the most part, the home is comfortable.  However, the entire house is controlled by a single thermostat. This created a problem in the master bedroom. Because of exposure to the weather and numerous windows, this room was always overheated in the summer and too chilly in the winter.  If I adjusted the thermostat so that the master bedroom was perfectly comfortable, the rest of the house was either way too warm or freezing cold. Plus, it cost me a fortune to maintain the entire house at such temperature extremes. I tried combating this problem with portable fans, window air conditioning and space heaters, but wasn’t happy with this.  The equipment was bulky, ugly, not all that effective and definitely not energy efficient. I hated sacrificing the view from my window to the air conditioner, and I was aggravated by moving it in and out every spring and fall. I finally invested into a ductless mini split system which is permanently installed and provides both heating and cooling. A very streamlined and lightweight air handler is mounted on an exterior wall and attached to an outdoor compressor.  The system runs on electricity and simply moves heat from one location to another. This transfer of heat is wonderfully safe, clean, quiet and energy efficient. The ductless heat pump filters and circulates the air, combats excess humidity in summer, and doesn’t dry out the air in winter.

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