Enough is enough!

I am a very generous person and I also don’t like facing confrontation. I have been like this almost my entire life, but I had to finally change once I got to college. My very first roommate is what would call a roommate from hell. She was dirty, loud, and would always borrow my clothes without asking me first. All of this was annoying, but things really got bad once the winter came around. My roommate was the type of person who was always warm no matter the time of year and would always come back to the dorm room and shut off the heated gas furnace. With me being quiet and not wanting to upset the beast, I wouldn’t turn the heated gas furnace back on and I would just go to bed and wake up freezing my butt off. After about a month of this same routine, I finally confronted my roomate. I started drilling her about how rude she is and how we need to run the heated gas furnace in the dorm like normal humans. My roommate who is such a loud person was so shocked she didn’t have anything to say at all. Boy let me tell you, that was a first. She apologized and said that we could run the heated gas furnace as much as we want and that she was just trying to save on the energy costs for the building. I am all about being nice to those around you and I still don’t enjoy confrontation, but sometimes you have to put your foot in the ground when it comes to proper heating in your residence!

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