Getting all set for the winter

It seems that no matter how much every one of us prep for winter, every one of us are never ready when it arrives.  The people I was with and I have substituted all of the windows in the house, however multiple. Every year, every one of us make sure to check the weather stripping around the doors and windows, and every year, there is at least more than 2 that needs to be substituted.  My fiance will wash the chimney and check the heat bricks inside the fireplace. Last year, every one of us didn’t even use the fireplace, yet this year, the chimney was filthy and he had to substitute numerous of the bricks. You can’t buy heat bricks individually, you need to buy an entire case of them.  In the process of increasing those heat bricks, he knocked over the glass screen that goes in front of the fireplace, and every one of us had to substitute it. This is a specially made glass enclosure and I had to drive fifty miles to the fireplace parts store to have the glass made. The people I was with and I had a lot of spots where the breeze was blowing in and every one of us found out that the insulation in the basement was torn and compressed.  That’s when every one of us found out every one of us had an infestation of mice. They had made a nest right behind the tepid water heater. After evicted the mice, he decided to wash the gas furnace. The gas furnace worked perfectly, and all he had to do was to change the air filter. He said that his winterization was done, because he had finally found something that was going to be giving us some heat this winter, and not detracting from it.

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