I remember when my school building lost air conditioning for almost a week

I remember one summer, my school building had serious problems with the air conditioning system. For nearly a week, we had to suffer through classes with pretty much no air conditioning to keep us comfortable. There were only so many fans to go around, as they typically were not needed and we’re stuffed away in dusty closets most of the time. Our 3rd period math teacher   was actually kind enough to bring in a more powerful fan for his classroom, which helped somewhat. Through most classes, however, we had to sit there, all hot and sweaty, doing our best to pretend that we could focus on what the teacher was saying in such sweltering heat. I distinctly remember just how wonderful it was finally being able to go home during that school week.  After all, there was nothing wrong with our air conditioning system at home, and it felt so good to finally be able to escape from that hot and cramped school building and walk into a nice, cool bedroom. Finally, the air conditioning system at our school was up and running again by Friday morning. Me and the rest of my peers felt so much relief when the A/C finally kicked in and started cooling things down once more. We practically felt spoiled after four days straight of hell. I don’t know what took them so long to fix the air conditioning system, but I hope it wasn’t a  budget issue. After all, good climate control was directly related to how well I performed in school, I swear it!

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