I’m hoping to live in an area where a heat pump would be enough to handle comfort –

My goal is to move far enough south that I could handle my year round comfort with an electric heat pump.  I currently live so far north that a cooling system isn’t necessary. I don’t even bother with portable air conditioners.  I’m thrilled when the outside temperature is warm enough to open the windows. I rarely need to even start up a box fan in the summer.  By the end of August, it’s already necessary to wear a jacket in the evenings. I typically start up the heating system sometime in September.  My house is equipped with a boiler because this type of heating system is extremely powerful. It’s capable of handling our local temperature, which frequently drops down into the negative digits.  The boiler links to pipes that carry heated water to baseboard heaters in every room. Hydronic heating is super quiet, clean, and very gentle. Despite the fact that the boiler is quite energy efficient, I still spend a fortune on heating bills for the majority of the year.  I also devote a great deal of time to shoveling snow, scraping ice, and bundling up in layers of clothes. The wind chill in this area makes it downright dangerous to be outside. Because I have a really good job, I am reluctant to quit and move south. I plan to suffer the horrible winters until I can afford to retire.  At that point, I’ll be looking for a house in an area with very mild temperatures. An electric heat pump provides effective air conditioning in the summer and can handle heating demand until the outside temperature drops below freezing. I’m hoping to say goodbye to temperatures below fifty degrees. I want to throw away my snow shovel, ice scraper and heavy winter boots.  I’d like to burn my wool coat and get rid of all of my thermal underwear.

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