Seeing a game in the stadium versus in the comfort of home

My buddy got us both tickets to see a football game we were both interested in. Our favorite team was playing their old rivals and he figured it would be nice for the both of us to see the game in person. I was genuinely excited for the big game day, as I had not seen a live football game in quite some time, much less between two teams that were certain to give us our money’s worth! The game was a close one and I am proud to announce that our favorite team came out on top. That being said, I guess I had forgotten why I don’t go to very many live football games. It was hot and sweaty in that stadium, with no climate control whatsoever, and a glaring sun in a cloudless sky. If you wanted any refreshments, you were going to have to pay top dollar, but I couldn’t resist and ended up getting a soda. I must say that it was rather flat for how expensive it was, but it was something to stave off my thirst. By halftime, I was genuinely sorry that my friend had paid for these tickets. After all, we could have been enjoying this game in the comfort of my own home with the air conditioning over-head keeping us cool and comfortable. Even if we did have pretty decent seats in the stadium, we would still have the best view of the game on my couch at home. And we wouldn’t be hot and sweaty in the least! One of the reasons I bought my fancy air conditioning system was to be able to enjoy a football game in comfort anyway!

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