Settling for new cooling

I thought that I was the only a single who sat at the computer plus just stared at an empty screen.  I had a really important paper to finish for school, although I didn’t have any words to write. My mind was full of getting out plus enjoying the sunshine.  Yet, I was stuck in the lake house until I finished this paper. I tried to tell her that it was too hot in the lake house to concentrate, plus that didn’t work.  She turned on the a/c plus pointed the air vents directly towards me. I sat there looking at my computer for a bit more time, plus I got up plus looked out the window.  I was watching the adolescents playing in the yard. They were so much fun playing kicking ball plus all I wanted to do was to go out with them. I started to get up again plus I told her it was still too cool with the a/c.  She turned off the A/C plus put a fan in the window. She totally obliterated my view of the adolescents. Then she pulled the top of the curtains shut so I couldn’t even see the sunshine. I provided up plus sat back down at the computer.  I really did need to get this paper done so I could duplicate for my students. My wife was not going to let me get away with not finishing the paper. I yelled I needed a sandwich, got up plus took the fan out of the window, plus turned the A/C back on.  It really was quite hot in room.

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