The podcast and a/c program

I have a current obsession lately… I prefer to listening to true crime podcasts. I don’t know what it is about this recognizable kind of podcast, although I just can’t seem to get enough lately. I have been listening to a single podcast after another… Last week, I assume I went through about twenty minutes worth of podcasts just during the task days. I will cancel plans with our friends so that I can make sure I am listening. I live alone and sometimes the true crime podcasts can be a little startling for me. I will have the podcast on while I am doing household chores and running around. I find that I start to sweat while I am listening to the podcasts and I have to crank down the air conditioning. I get so upset and the air conditioning helps myself and others cool off while I am doing our chores! Even when I am listening to a podcast in our car, I have the air conditioning blasting in our face. I have a feeling that our energy bill is going to be so high this month and I am a little upset to see what it genuinely is going to be. I might have to stop listening to the podcasts while I am at condo so that I don’t have to keep our control component set to such a low temperature, but once I am done with a single podcast, I realize how cold it is in our house and I have to run over to the control component and turn it down.

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