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As soon as I graduated from prep school, my mom told me right away to find a task to keep myself busy… I was not set to begin college until the early fall, and she did not want me to even remotely laze around the family home all summer. I absolutely wanted to hang out with my friends and go to wild parties, but my mom wasn’t going to hand me any cash… She told me right away to find a task or stay at the house and clean the garage and attic. I decided to look online, although I did not find anything suitable to my liking. I checked the newspaper next, although I absolutely did not want to have a rough job at McDonald’s or Burger King. But the Taco Plaza was hiring, and my next door neighbor was the manager there.  He immediately offered me a position there if I did not find anything else in my search. My Uncle George saved me straight from burrito prison when he got me a part time job at the heating and a/c warehouse. There is a company for heating and a/c parts in our town. It is located out on the interstate, and the drive is a significant 30 miles from our house. This heating and a/c parts sorting facility was hiring for their graveyard shift. My Uncle George knew the graveyard shift manager, and he was willing to hook me up with a job. I did not know a thing about heating and a/c parts, or how to sort them, although I knew the task sounded better than sweating away in a fast-food restaurant. I wasn’t especially blissful about having to work the graveyard shift, because that meant less time for parties. However luckily, the heating and a/c sorting facility only had shifts Thursday through Sunday. I still had all day Monday through Wednesday to spend with my friends. I worked in the heating and a/c sorting facility all summer, until it was time to go to college at last. I even managed to save a few hundred dollars to take to school.

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