Smart temperature control savings

I own and operate a small however successful hardware store. I am typically looking for ways to increase profit, productivity and security while minimizing energy waste, downtime and safety hazards; Nearly half of my annual energy expenses are directly related to heating and cooling. Increasing the efficiency of my corporation is a priority. About a year ago, I consulted with a local Heating, Ventilation plus A/C corporation, who recommended a commercial temperature control for my building. A commercial, smart temperature control is designed as a management tool. It incorporates a series of temperature controls and rooms sensors together to allow precision control from virtually someplace. Through a mobile app, I have access and the ability to change the setting of each and every temperature control, whether or not I’m on the premises. The plan has learned my seconds of operation, and automatically adjusts to  save energy when the building is empty. It raises or lowers temperature after the last person leaves for the evening, however makes sure we arrive in the morning to perfect comfort. An auto-lock feature prevents employees from altering settings to suit their personal preferences. Only people who enter in a code are able to set temperature. Plus, the plan tracks energy usage, showing exactly when the heating and cooling equipment comes on and shuts down throughout the morning. It further offers helpful tips to trim heating and cooling costs. I installed separate temperature controls into the storage area, breakroom, my office and the showroom, allowing independent temperature settings. There’s no need to maintain the storage section at the ideal comfort level, and I’m never in my office until the late morning. Because of the commercial smart temperature control set up, I’ve saved a significant amount of currency on utility bills. Plus, I’m taking better care of my heating and cooling systems and have improved the comfort of my purchasers and employees.

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