The coffee joint HVAC

I was surprised the other afternoon when I went to our number one coffee shop that’s located in my hometown. I came to learn that one afternoon that the Heating and Air Conditioning system was in their bakery was on its last leg. They particularly had a jar, sort of like a tip jar, and there was a sign that said “Please donate for a new Heating and Air Conditioning system.” When I asked the workers about the jar, they were excited and told myself and a few other customers that were in the line that they wanted a brand new efficient heating and cooling system. They told myself and others that the condition of their heating and cooling system was so ancient, it was about time that they got a new HVAC system. They went on to say, that if they were able to raise enough money from the jar that they might even be able to purchase a smart thermostat from their heating and cooling technician. They were also saying that a smart thermostat would really be well worth it, because smart thermostats save you a great deal of currency on monthly energy costs. And, not only that, but you would be able to control the bakery temperature conditions remotely. I decided to donate $25 towards the new Heating and Air Conditioning tip jar. They were excited with my husband and I’s generous donation, and I told them that I hoped they would be able to get something nice and new. Hey, it was our number one coffee shop after all. This was not just some random donation, this was an investment for our number one site to get the best coffee in town. I easily hope they go out and get something nice like a new smart thermostat. If they did that, this would be the one and only place to go to daily.

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