The heat pump costs extra

When my lovely spouse and I found out that the people I was with and I were going to have a baby, the people I was with and I were both caught off guard, excited, plus ready to move, but my spouse plus I already felt cramped in our small three room condo. We were contemplating a move to a decent sized house, before our spouse heard the good news. When the people I was with and I realized that a baby would make 3,we carefully started viewing all of the real estate ads in our city. My spouse and I had to do some research on the web, so we had the chance to see where the market sited our condo. My spouse plus I were happily surprised to find that the condo was estimated at a unquestionably nice value, but a realtor helped us with an open house, and we eventually got three decent offers on the condo in the first day. The two of us listed the condo at 199,000. The two of us got two more offers at 174,000, plus another offer at full asking price. The offer was at full price wanted us to spend our money for brand new carpets, brand new appliances, and a brand new heat pump plus air conditioning machine. My spouse plus I thought it was a bit mad to ask us to spend our money for all of these items, but our heat pump plus air conditioning equipment was only 3 years old, plus it seemed viable for another nine years, however even though our spouse plus I were cheerful to see an offer at full price, the people I was with and I did not want to replace the heat pump, air conditioning machine, or even the carpets. My spouse and I waited for several long days before our realtor found us a reasonable offer. The two of us finally sold the condo plus purchased a charming condo in the lush countryside, but i think the new baby will prefer his or her brand new room.