The heater use when it is cold

I wonder why is it that whenever it snows, all I want is a cup of sizzling hot chocolate and an oversized jacket.  I guess it is actually due to our mom, who would allow us to go play in the snow. All of us would come into our house icy cold. And then would wrap our wet hair with towels she had heated up over by the stove. And if our toes were cold, she would have the heating pad warmed up for us to set our feet on. I guess she probably spoiled us, but it wasn’t a bad kind of spoiling. My mom always told us that you weren’t able to spoil a child with love, and that was what she was always giving us. We’d get a cup of sizzling hot chocolate, or sizzling apple cider and we would sit in front of the fireplace until all of us were warmed clear through.  It was those kinds of good memories that I wanted to supply to our children. I mean, I wanted our children to remember the little things that all of us did together. My child remembers how he would come into the lake house and give me a hug, but I’d bop him one when he put his freezing hands on my face! By then, all of us had electric heating in our homes. Ours was a small four room lake lake house and there was one main heating component that heated the entire house. Surprisingly, the lake house stayed pretty hot and comfortable regardless of how freezing it was outside. Their memories of freezing cold afternoons and staying warm in our house was how I was always making homemade caramel corn and orange juice. It’s not as much as our mom did, but my kids will remember.