Cold country vacation-heating in the hotel was horrible

When my boyfriend and I went on a trip to a well known cold country, we packed all winter gear. It seemed like the obvious thing to do. The place was known for being freezing cold no matter the time of year. I brought all thermal gear, long pants and jackets. At night I planned on being really cold. I packed my thickest pajamas and tall socks. Well, I did not count on how businesses run their HVAC units. Where I live in the summer AC is cranked to the max. Go to any store and the AC is set to negative temperatures to make people comfortable. Well our vacation was the opposite. Any restaurant, store or bar had the heater cranked to the highest setting. My boyfriend and I would walk in the freezing cold and then just got pounded by the heating equipment. We ended up wearing one layer of pants and jacket. We needed to be able to remove things easy since it was so hot. The worst was the hotel heating. I did not even wear pjs at night. My boyfriend and I were obsessed with trying to lower the heating. Most of the time the hotels used a radiator and the thermostat was a central one. So the two of us had to try and open windows in our room to let in some air. The rooms would be around 85 degrees at night. It was horrible being so overheated all of the time. This next trip I am going to be way more prepared.