Getting a heat pump for the wine facility was rough

My father and I decided that we wanted to make wine. For years my family had been grape farmers. The grapes would be made into juice, jams or jelly. I convinced my father to try making wine and the business has really took off. We started out just in the basement of my house. As our business has grown, so has the amount of wine we make. I was forced to have a wine facility built though. I got the building put right on my dad’s land by the grapes. It works out good. My dad picks the grapes, and delivers them right to me. Right on the land we can add sugar, yeast and control sediment. The only issue I have encountered so far was HVAC. Getting heating and air for the building was not easy. Temperature control for wine is key, especially since we live in the north. Wine can’t get too cold or it ruins the fermentation process. Because our weather is horrible, I needed a quality heater and still a cooling unit. I finally found the solution to be a heat pump system. Buying from an actual HVAC company was too expensive. Instead I just bought one online and had it delivered to me. My father and I could not figure out the heat pump install. So I had to make a shady deal with a HVAC contractor for cash to install the heat pump system. The guy installed it right by the front door. It looks terrible, but at least with have climate control now.

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