HVAC in our bathroom

Over the last ten years, I have done nothing but sneeze and cough all the time.  That is no exaggeration since I am allergic to everything. My whole family suffers from allergies and some of us even have asthma.  It seems that when you suffer like I do, you are constantly trying to find some way to improve your air quality and get rid of some of the allergies.  I am always looking on the internet for the newest ways to get rid of allergy and asthma symptoms. I read everything from what herbs to take to what pills I should take.  There are even some that tells you how to change your diet and eliminate certain foods to eliminate the symptoms, but none of them have worked. Last week, I was looking in the local newspaper and I found an ad from a local HVAC company.  They had their annual spring cleanup ad in the paper. This year they were offering a ductwork and ventilation system cleaning. They also had an ad for a huge discount on their whole home air purification system. The whole home air purification system was hooked right into the HVAC system.  The whole home air purification system was made to provide better air quality into the home. Better air quality helps to improve breathing and to help with symptoms of allergies and asthma. I plan on making an appointment to have my ductwork cleaned and to get an estimate for the purchase of an air purification system and the installation.  I’m hoping it will make a big difference in not just my air quality, but in my symptoms from allergies and asthma.

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