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My sister plus myself have many fond memories of our grandma. Grandma used to do a lot of fun activities with more than one of us growing up. The people I was with plus myself genuinely wanted to be the person who could spend time with Grandma. She taught us how to make things like butter, bread, in addition to sauerkraut. Some great memories include chopping up thousands of cabbages just to snap those yellow beans and put them in a pot. All of these memories are some that I can’t get back, and I genuinely want my own children to have fun memories of times that we spent together. That’s why my family plus myself decided to take up beekeeping as an activity together. We all attended a beekeeping class at the Learning Annex last month, plus went to the store to buy all the supplies we need for beekeeping. We’re going to start off with a few thousand honeybees, plus see if we can keep them alive. They’re supposed to be the easiest thing to start with for beekeeping. My kids plus the people I was with plus myself are going to be able to make some great memories, while we also have some delicious honey. Will be ours for the rest of our life. These beekeeping days will be great memories for my kids to have when they are older, plus we may be able to make some money one day with the product lines. Did you know that you can make soaps, Foods, as well as health and beauty aides.