I could tell there was a time delay

Around 3 months now, I started actually working at a government office building in my town. The office building is set up with some key smart features. The building is also put in with an automation system. Just near everything within the building is automated. This all includes the lights, Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system, & the alarms. The automated lighting device is set up with motion sensors too. The lights will only come on when motion is detected in a room, but unfortunately, the lights will not come on if the motion detectors aren’t even working. Both of us had some real concerns last week, when we couldn’t get the lights to turn on in the main meeting room. We were setting up for a meeting with foreign investors, & I was in charge of setting up the meeting room. I expected the lights to just up and turn on, the minute that I came into the room. Sadly, the room was dark & no lights were on. I tried moving around the room, hoping that the motion sensors would sense my presence. When the automated lights failed to turn on, I instantly called up the building manager. The building manager is in charge of our automatic features, like the lighting system, alarms, & Heating, Ventilation, & A/C sensors. Both of us at all times have a licensed building management proposal operator on call. It took almost 1 hour, but the building management operator finally repaired the automated lighting system. The motion sensor was just not operational & needed to be replaced.

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