I don’t have the right climate for a heat pump

It is a struggle deciding if I am more irritated with my HVAC contractor or myself. On one hand, I was an idiot with buying my heat pump. On the other hand, my HVAC professional sold me a HVAC system that he knew for a fact that I could not use. A heat pump system is a two for one system. You get both heating and air because the heat pump simply moves heat energy inside or outside. If you want cooling, the heat energy is pumped outdoors. The reverse is for heating. However, I live in the north where the temperatures get in the negative twenties. When it gets that cold, you have no heat energy to pump to provide heating. The heat pump is a worthless heater for me and the HVAC contractor totally knew when he sold it to me. A heat pump is expensive though, so the guy got a high commission rate. But, I should have done the research. Everything online warns you that a heat pump cannot provide heating after the temperatures drop below forty degrees. There are a couple people in the north with heat pumps. They only use the system for the cooling function though. You save quite a bit of money using a heat pump. It does not have to create the cold air, it just pushes the air around. But, the heat pump has to be paired with a furnace for the wintertime. Buying a furnace to add to the heat pump is expensive. It is called a dual fuel system and I am just not willing to do this.

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