I thought there was a good change of success

When I get the option to work from my house for a month or several I really start to appreciate being home a bit more.  I travel for contractor for much of the year so my house that I keep is fairly minimalist. I have the basics when it comes to furniture & try to at least have a box of cereal in the cupboard for those days when I arrive lake home & it is too late to go out to eat.  Hey, I am single so I really think this life isn’t so bad. I do, however, miss having my locale cleaned each day for me while I am home. No one arrives to make the bed, empty the trash, or restock the mini bar. Most of the hotels and such where I stay while away have a cleaning staff that is on hand each day to take care of all cleaning needs.  I never even have to do laundry because fresh towels & whatever clothing I put in the laundry basket just show up again the next day ready to go. Professional cleaners, whether a staff member or hired service, deserve full appreciation for what they do. It is not an easy task by any means & you should always not forget to tip them just as you would tip a hostess or waitress.  If you work in an office that has a cleaning service that arrives in the middle of the night to make sure your workspace is ready for the next day, you should try not to forget them too when it comes to holidays & such. They work hard, & yes they are paid for their work, however could you imagine if you had to do this without them?