I was going through my checklist

Six years ago I was a working mother who was struggling to support various teenagers on my own.  Their father was sick with cancer so I was genuinely looking for a task that would allow myself and others to be home when the teenagers were getting back from school.  It is difficult to find any kind of job that has the same hours as the teenagers are in school so I decided to go into corporation for myself. My entrepreneurship started with myself and others cleaning houses for other working moms.  I would only take tasks that could be completed while the teenagers were at school. A few of my acquaintances wanted to work with myself and others so the people I was with and I started to clean more homes. Some of them wanted night hours, weekends, in addition to such, so having a flexible cleaning crew allowed us to expand rather abruptly.  Before I knew it I was doing more office work than actual cleaning. My corporation increased in size because I hired really reliable people in addition to I realized that there were more than 2 people like myself who were interested in locating employment that worked with their various schedules. Then, about two years after starting the first cleaning company, I made the decision to start another business – this time a commercial janitorial service.  I started soliciting local business owners in addition to offering them a discount if they signed up for a year of our cleaning service. I gave them top of the line cleaning, bonded in addition to insured cleaners, and reasonable fees for services. It took a few months however my new commercial cleaning corporation began growing. Now, I have two companies. I never would have imagined that me, as a single mom, could ever become the owner of two successful cleaning businesses just because I needed to be home with my kids after school hours.  If you are looking for a place to work that allows you a certain schedule like I was, you should look into a professional cleaning company that is available in your area. They usually have hours that can be helpful to almost anyone.

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