Poor air quality in apartment

The one thing I don’t like about renting is that you have to answer to the property owner. You don’t get a say in big renovations and changes down to the house, and you also don’t get a say on things like heating and cooling. I’ve been particularly upset with my current HVAC system because it seems like my apartment has very low air quality. I don’t think that the property owner is taking care of the heating and cooling equipment, but it’s his responsibility to service and maintain it. I want to call a heating and cooling company, but I don’t feel that I should have to pay for that. I’ve talked to the property owner on numerous occasions, but he simply dismisses me. Because he owns several other properties and doesn’t have to live in my apartment, he doesn’t seem to care about my complaints. Luckily, the weather is nice outside right now because it’s the springtime, so I have been able to turn off my heating and cooling units for a while and just cool the apartment by leaving the windows open. I am not sure what I am going to do when the weather gets hot, though, because I will need to use my air conditioning on a regular basis. I am thinking that I have two options. I can either take the loss and pay for the heating and cooling services myself, or I can take my case to small claims court. I have an appointment with a lawyer friend of mine to discuss whether or not I have a case, but I am hoping I do. I think it’s wrong to rent out a property if you’re not going to do what it takes to maintain it and make it liveable for your tenants.

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