What a good idea

I had such high hopes for my future when I graduated from high school.  I wanted to start right out with a job and forgo the whole mess of going to college.  I loved learning, but I didn’t like the idea of needing to go back to school and pay through the nose, to be able to sit in a classroom for another four years.  I was only out of school for a few months when I had a great job and I was starting night courses for computer programming. I immediately realized that a talent for writing computer programs.  I wasn’t even out of the classes for less than a week, when I got a call from a friend. He told me that he had talked to someone he knew who needed someone to install security systems in homes.  I jumped at the job and thanked my friend. That is how I got started in my career. Fifteen years later, I am still working for that company, but I have gained a lot of knowledge and I am no longer just installing security system.  Now I design and program the security system for our clients. I have meetings with them so I can find out exactly what needs they have and to get their schedules. I get as much information as I can, so that I tailor their program to their needs.  I give them the schedule for our monitoring department and I also make adjustments as often as they are needed. I make yearly appointments to go over any concerns they may be having and to do any updates that are available.

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