What room should our hydronic heater go in first?

My husband and I have been talking about getting heated floors in the house. Our boiler system works great as a heater, but we kind of like the idea of heated flooring. To make sure we like it and it is worth the expense, we are only going to do one room first. The argument right now is over what room is getting hydronic heating. I want to do the kitchen floors and my husband wants the garage. I feel the kitchen should get hydronic heating since the tile needs to be fixed in there anyway. Also, the family spends a lot of time in there for meals. The kitchen with the tile feels like the coldest room in the house too. There is also the idea that I use that room the most and would really like the heater in there. My husband wants the garage because our cars are in there. He hates getting into a cold car and running the heater beforehand. With the heated flooring, the car would already be warm. He also works a lot in the garage. Having heating in there would be wonderful for him. I know he secretly wants to make that space his man cave. So who gets the hydronic heating system? He’s hardly in the kitchen and I don’t use the garage. So whatever room we pick, the other one won’t get to enjoy it at all. Maybe would should comprise and do the bedroom or something. That carpet is brand new though. So maybe that would not be the smartest option.

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