A Simple Life Has Proven to Be Better for Me

I used to live a busy life back in the states with my local business and big sprawling house in the city.

  • I was constantly answering phone calls and working on the house and had no free time to relax and enjoy life.

I finally decided that this lifestyle wasn’t for me so I shut down my HVAC business and got rid of all of my debts and then moved overseas. My life is much slower now and I have more time for relaxing and just having fun. The older I get the more I realize that playing and having fun is the key to a good life. Yes, there are obligations and jobs to do but you should save time for doing fun things. I work for a local contractor a few days a week doing furnace and AC repairs but then I spend the rest of the day looking for fun things to do and fun people to hang out with. There is always someone out there who is looking to play sports or maybe play music with me. I do a/c installations during the week in the summer and work on furnaces and fireplaces in the winter for about 20 hours a week. I also teach some volleyball and yoga to clients and spend a lot of time reading and writing. My life is a lot different than it was in the states when I spent most of my time working at my local business. I’ve learned a lot over the years and have learned that freedom is key to happiness.

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