All I wanted was one portable restroom.

When we got to the football game, I wasn’t sure how to react.

I had never been to a college football game.

We had been traveling for almost two hours to go to this home game. Our son was playing football for the college, and we were excited to see him play. By the time we got there, I had to pee so badly that all I wanted was one portable restroom where no one was waiting in line. There were plenty of portable restrooms in the parking lot, but none of them were without a line in front of them. I complained loudly and asked my husband if he would go back to the convenience store. He worried we wouldn’t get a parking place if we left and returned, but I didn’t care. With all the portable restrooms filled, I knew I would not stand in line long before I embarrassed myself. He snorted and pulled out of the parking space with more force than necessary and headed back toward town. He kept mumbling about how I needed to be more prepared than waiting until the last minutes. He also said he thought I just didn’t want to use the portable restrooms. By the time we got to the convenience store, I was getting out of the car before he had come to a complete stop. When I came back out, he was still fuming, but he said nothing else about how‌ I inconvenienced him. He said he was going to leave without me when he had gone in and come back out in the time he got gas and used the restroom. He didn’t want to use the portable restrooms any more than I did.

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