Ann is a nurse practitioner who can also fix her HVAC system

Ann has been a nurse practitioner for 2 years after changing her career.

For a long time, she worked as an HVAC expert.

This wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t what Ann wanted to do as a kid. She loved helping people and longed to become a doctor or a nurse. However, Ann isn’t from a rich family, and there wasn’t money for college. Ann must take on student loans to attend medical or nursing school. As she was contemplating what to do, her uncle came to visit. He worked as an HVAC expert and spoke to Ann about the HVAC industry. Though he knew her desire to work in health, he also understood her dilemma about student loans. Ann’s uncle was frank with his advice. It would cost her less to go to HVAC school and train to become an HVAC expert like him. The good news is the HVAC industry is in high demand for HVAC workers, so Ann wouldn’t have to search long for a job. The more she worked, the higher her earnings. After some time, Ann can decide whether to stay in the industry or attend nursing school. Ann saw sense in this and chose to take her uncle’s advice. She got her HVAC certification and worked in the industry for 10 years. Later, she went to nursing school and is now a licensed nurse practitioner who can also fix her HVAC system. Even after leaving the HVAC industry, Ann still loves working on HVAC systems in her free time. She says this is a hobby and even helps her elderly neighbors out when they have HVAC problems.

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