Reunion Havoc

I come from a very large, loud Greek family. Have you ever seen ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding?’ Well, then you met my family. There are more people than I can keep count on any given day. Easter and Christmas are our big gathering holidays. Relatives come out of every inch of the woodwork that… Read more Reunion Havoc

Supplemental heater source

I have the worst luck with Heating and A/C units. Last year while in the peak of the summer season, our air conditioning component gave out. I spent the entire summer season covered in sweat because I couldn’t afford the maintenance bill, and our building owner was not being very helpful. After paying to maintenance… Read more Supplemental heater source

HVAC efficiency ratings

Different people have different priorities in their life. There is simply no denying that. I often find that some things that people do, I feel are genuinely stupid. I am sure others feel the same thing about me and my choices. For example, I recognize that some people spend much more money on supposedly organic… Read more HVAC efficiency ratings

The green HVAC settings

When it comes to life’s various expenses, you have to get imaginative. Take for instance, the purchase of a house. Sure there are forms of financing, which multiple people need, however there are also grant programs, funding available through municipalities, tax incentives for first time clients, and that list goes on. I was super glad… Read more The green HVAC settings

AC wishes

This year, we have had a great Christmas and I am most certainly looking forward to the New Year’s Eve party we will be attending too. The celebrations with family and friends have been wonderful. Seeing all the family really makes Christmas so much more exciting. Our children are completely grown. Although Christmas is fun,… Read more AC wishes

Damage to the air ducts

College was difficult for us. I almost always had a very strenuous time with school, but nothing could compare to my university years. To make the situation worse, I couldn’t decide on a major for the longest time. After much deliberation, I finally decided on a major in architecture as I was quite talented at… Read more Damage to the air ducts