My home needs a lot more zones

A study has revealed there are three main reasons why families choose mini-split HVAC systems. The respondents were from many excellent climate zones around the country. The first reason was, mini-splits don’t require ductwork. They’ve already become a viable alternative to help window air conditioning systems in homes which happen to have no existing ductwork.… Read more My home needs a lot more zones

Learning about my A/C

Today was a great day so far. Everything is sort of clicking into place. Do you know the type of day I’m talking about? I managed to get the kids from school without any bickering. There was hardly any traffic and I made it to the office in record time. While I arrived, my boss… Read more Learning about my A/C

My home is now secure

In the heart of our beautiful downtown district rests my church, which has an absolutely astounding outreach program for this city’s homeless population. With nearly 500 vagrants in the downtown area alone, our church is a beacon of hope to the many homeless especially when the winter months come. Winter in our city can mean… Read more My home is now secure

This window seat is nice

My husband and I wanted to have a second honeymoon to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Joe, my husband, had decided on a two week vacation through Europe, knowing it had always been my dream. Two whole weeks without kids or parents bugging us, sounded like a dream come true; all of it except for… Read more This window seat is nice

Battling over our bills

My fiance plus I are keepy getting into arguments about our condo expenses. I know this is a pretty common fight, right? Couples bicker about money all the time when they share bank accounts. The thing is, as a couple, we’re usually entirely agreeable on items. For instance, we don’t have a car payment, and… Read more Battling over our bills

Learning over the years

All of us didn’t really know very much about buying a house, when we originally bought one. We weren’t really prepared on Major Appliance problems and exactly how we’re going to pay for them. During the entire first decade of our home ownership comma there was thousands of dollars that we had to pay two… Read more Learning over the years