I always plan ahead

Every now and then, for some reason I try to imagine what the entire world would be like in any recordings post apocalyptic wasteland. I could hypothetically live in this case in my apartment after stated big bang, but things would be very different. Firstly, the scenery outside would surely get less desirable. My lovely… Read more I always plan ahead

Perfect air quality

If the sound of the forest and nature truly enchants your imagination and takes your mind to somewhat of a place of wizards and fairies, since it does for me, I highly recommend you make the move to the woods. I had did it myself around nearly fifteen years ago issue and I will never… Read more Perfect air quality

I love these dinner parties

     Wintertime is my absolute favorite time of the year. I enjoy the cold climatic conditions, the snowy landscapes, and spending nights around the fire, with friends and family. My husband and I built our own house so that we could enjoy it in the way that we wanted to. When the cold weather arrives, I… Read more I love these dinner parties