The work never ends

My boyfriend Chris happens to be a male model. He does not do large photo shoots where you would likely recognize him. But Chris definitely gets enough work to make a good living. Honestly, dating a model at times is genuinely fun. He is completely gorgeous, goes to wonderful locales, as well as is current… Read more The work never ends

The right a/c for an older home

About 3 years ago, our spouse Stanley plus I obtained a really cool new condo in the historic district of our chosen city.  The people I was with and I fell into obsession with the hardwood floors, mullioned windows, beautiful high ceilings plus Victorian style architecture.  While we really actually needed to make some replacements… Read more The right a/c for an older home

Want the best in a/c

I recently needed to go out and hire a professional Heating, Ventilation & A/C company for a/c repair at my home. It was the middle of July at the time, of course, plus the outside temperature was in the upper nineties each and every day.  The humidity level was positively brutal for us, plus there… Read more Want the best in a/c