Depends on the moment

I just love my in-laws, and it’s a really relief that we get around well. I really wasn’t sure what we were going to think of each other because they result from a much wealthier place than I really do, and I was afraid because I didn’t want them to look down on me. However,… Read more Depends on the moment

Air temperature

I adore my husband, but sometimes I feel like I can’t escape from him. He and I are attached at the hook since about a couple weeks into our relationship. It is rare for me every single child spend so much time along with someone, but there are times when he gets on my past… Read more Air temperature

Wooden panels

My partner and I have been doing a few home renovation projects lately, and I’ve really been enjoying the feeling of putting love and care into the place where I reside. I like being involved with these big initiatives, because they keep me occupied and active, while keeping my brain distracted from other stresses of… Read more Wooden panels

This is challenging

Have you seen one of those conspiracy theorists in your life who is constantly looking to be upset about something obscure that’s wanting to harm them? They don’t are huge proponents of 9/11 for an inside job or fake moon landing theorists – they conspire that there are tons of dangers hidden at every corner.… Read more This is challenging

A damp window sill

Recently, I moved to a brand new city in a completely different climate than what I’m used to, but I’m trying to adjust. I’ve lived in the midwest for many of us of my life, and I have never had such muggy conditions around me, until now. It appears as if every day here it… Read more A damp window sill


Have you visited the islands in this south seas? So many different pockets of humanity, each one unique and fascinating inside their own ways. Out in the ocean of that size, their integration with modern solutions is scattershot, at best. I spent six months enjoying water sports from island to island previously, and it was… Read more Refrigeration

An electric space heater

The past years, my travels have taken me to every corner with the globe. On my living room wall in the house, I have a massive earth map. It is six little feet high, eight feet long, and very detailed. On this map I check every place I have ever visited, sometimes with little doodles… Read more An electric space heater

I have a little imagination

I had produced what you might consider a unique upbringing. Growing up, I lived out inside the woods of the Pacific Northwest. My extended family and I lived in log cabins we created ourselves, and for years we lived on acres of wooded land. It’s not like we were a religious group which avoided using… Read more I have a little imagination