Day to day in HVAC

I have been working as an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman for a few years now.  I adore my work.  I don’t have to put on a stuffy suit plus tie to do my job, I don’t have to rest in a workspace, plus I can figure I am helping people.  I also adore knowing… Read more Day to day in HVAC

AC that is ductfree

My friends Glory & Gim recently bought a home; the house is about 78 years outdated & quite large. It is lovely both all through the inside & out, & the previous house owners throughout the years have taken good care of it. At some point one of the owners added on an addition to… Read more AC that is ductfree

Putting up the HVAC

I am regularly looking to help people whenever I think it’s possible. It is area of who I am. My dear church teaches that we should help our fellow man always, & so I intend to regularly do so, but it is really just not as simple to help as it has been years in… Read more Putting up the HVAC

AC always has mold in it

The heat and humidity in the deep south is by far worse than anything I’ve ever known. I had an air conditioner but it was pretty derelict looking when I first moved in. Normally I don’t love to use any type of cooling device and instead I use fresh air plus a fan to stay… Read more AC always has mold in it

Specializing in HVAC

I work for a small high school. I have worked as the work guidance counselor since the very beginning. It has consistently been a life’s dream of mine to help guide young people to their passions. As a student, I never excelled in much of anything. I could never grab hold of a single interest.… Read more Specializing in HVAC

Space heater caught on fire

I never truly considered I’d have to teach burn safety about heating devices. I thought it was pretty self explanatory. Well I realized that wasn’t the case when it come to the old. You see, I work in a nursing home by the ocean. I appreciate my job very much. I appreciate spending time with… Read more Space heater caught on fire

Heater set up at home

It has taken me a solid 10 years to get my hubby on board with a total cabin renovation plan.  Both of us obtained this cabin in need of renovation right when marriage happened. The plan was to gradually work on it each year. But, he started a new job right after we wandered on… Read more Heater set up at home

Little homes and HVAC

Living in a tiny home was something of a pipe dream for me until recently. When I came across one online that was partially finished, I realized that I could finish it up in just a few months. The only thing that I am a little bit concerned about is finding the right heating and… Read more Little homes and HVAC