Biking to work

My roommate and I are literally dying here in this awful humidity. We live in the north, so getting an air conditioner is like getting a heated pool. It might look nice and become a statement piece. But, you don’t need a heated pool. It would actually need to up space and be more expense… Read more Biking to work

This breeze feels awesome

My family has owned a beach home for at least the past thirty years on a secluded island. My parents fell in love near the beach and eventually got wedded there, so it was only natural they decided on purchasing a home there to boot. My brothers and I had been spending our summers at… Read more This breeze feels awesome

Opening up our air vent

My own silly boyfriend likes to tell me all kinds of horror stories about the apartment where he used to live. I think this is because he currently lives with me, and he really appreciates the fact that this apartment is a number of steps up from his past residence. Luckily for me, I only… Read more Opening up our air vent