We are all freezing

My wife and I have been living together for about eight years. We met in college, and the two of us have been in love ever since that day.  However, one of our first major fights was over the control component settings, because my wife was too chilly in our apartment! I love to keep… Read more We are all freezing

Using the heating

I grew up with a lot of nice things in my life. Both of my parents worked in politics most of my life, so my siblings and I did not need for legitimately too much! When it came to our indoor comfort, everyone in the family all had individual temperature controls in our rooms. I… Read more Using the heating

I don’t mind sitting

My fiance and I spent our entire lives entirely working on a farm, until we recently won the lottery! In an instant we won an enormous sum of money, and no we want to give back and to do great things with it. We decided to start a pet rescue, and buy a big piece… Read more I don’t mind sitting

enjoying the holidays

To various people, moving back to their apartment neighborhoods it is a cause for rejoicing and celebration. But for me, on the other hand, it is a cause for serious regret. I am moving back home this afternoon with such dread. My family is split now, with half the side of the family supporting my… Read more enjoying the holidays

We are all very hot

Just last week, I found out that I was pregnant. My husband and I bought married about four years ago and they are thrilled to be new dad and mom. A lot of people query our decision to wait some years after getting married to have children, but we just wanted make sure that the… Read more We are all very hot

this is what we needed

My boyfriend and I got a new puppy and he’s so adorable! They are just three weeks old and is already so big, his paws are comparable size as his face. Before we brought our pup home, we thought it would be recommended that you “puppy proof” our house. We thought we done everything we… Read more this is what we needed